Our Story

Starts pure, stays pure.
For DairyPure®, delivering fresh, pure dairy products isn’t just a passion—it’s a promise.
We're Committed
To Bringing You Great-Tasting Dairy Products

DairyPure® knows how important it is that dairy products taste pure, fresh, and delicious. That’s why we follow the high standards of our 5-Point Purity Promise®. In addition, most of our products come from one of your trusted dairies—which you’ll see on almost any DairyPure label. This local sourcing is good for the environment, good for the local economy, and good for you!

We hold ourselves to the high standards of our exclusive 5-Point Purity Promise®, which challenges us to continually provide pure, fresh-tasting milk.


In 1925, Miles Ezell lived on a dairy farm. When the farm’s owner offered Ezell the opportunity to rent the farm’s equipment and start his own dairy, Max accepted the offer and did just that. In 1945, Ezell merged his dairy with another to create Purity Dairies—today, the only remaining dairy in Davidson County, Tennessee. Ezell didn’t just build a successful dairy; he drove many innovative operations, like using refrigerated tanks and vacuum pasteurization. Now, Purity Dairies produces over 100 products for consumers in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. DairyPure by Purity is committed to offering dairy that starts pure and stays pure for your peace of mind.